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Jason Tisdall
  • Name: Jason Tisdall
  • Company: Tanjent
  • Profession: Solar PV and Battery Storage
  • Phone: 07917 847 900
  • Website: www.tanjent-energy.com
  • Email:

Business Description
Tanjent was founded by two PhD-qualified oil and gas professionals (an engineer and a computer scientist). After successful careers in the fossil fuel industry, we decided that enough was enough and it was time to create positive change.

We design and install both domestic and commercial systems using Solar PV, Battery Storage, Electric Vehicle chargers, Solar diverters and other related technology to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

We make access to green technology simple and profitable for everyone to help build a sustainable world.


  • Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • Scalable Battery storage
  • Intelligent energy accessories including Electric Vehicle chargers and Solar diverters
  • Remote surveys using the latest online and digital technology
  • Advanced mathematical modelling to optimise your design
  • Consistent and 100% transparent pricing so no wool is pulled over your eyes
  • Power Group Category: Property Services & Trades
  • Year joined BNI: 2019
  • Memory Hook: Tanjent – a New Angle on Energy

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I found you very accessible and helpful

The workmanship was clean, and tidy, and because I have a smart meter it is really easy to see just what a difference it is making. Your technical expertise after the installation was particularly helpful. Before I didn’t know what questions to ask, but afterwards all sorts of things popped up and I found you very accessible and helpful. Thanks again

Frances, SolarBanx - Solar and Battery installation (Oxford)

You listened to our needs

We contacted a number of potential suppliers for our solar and battery installation, and decided to go with FuelIncluded [now Tanjent] because you listened to our needs and were quick to respond with potential solutions. You answered our queries with enough detail to provide confidence, without trying to bamboozle with too many facts and figures. The price and process were both simple and easy to understand. The total was not the cheapest but represented the best value based on specification and installation charges. Installation took a little longer than hoped, partly interrupted by our availability/holiday but also delayed by the installer’s availability, and the scaffolding. Installation itself was quick and remarkably trouble free, all was done within 3 days and no mess left behind. Since installation the follow-up has been not too often, and not too rare – just right to check that we were happy and making the most of the installation. I’d be happy to recommend FuelIncluded [now Tanjent] to my friends and family.

Toby, SolarBanx - Solar and Battery Installation (Sevenoaks)

It all worked like clock work

We had our solar panels installed in January. Everything about the process from the survey to install was made very clear. If I had any queries, these were resolved very quickly. On the day of the install it all worked like clock work. I am delighted with the finished installation. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Howard, PowerSolar - Solar installation (Hitchin)

The after-care is as good as the proposal

...the after-care is as good as the proposal and installation were. I will be shouting about solar energy and specifically Tanjent from the rooftops, though not literally, as my solar panels are in the way!...

Phil, SolarBanx - Solar on flat roof and battery installation (London)

They made very neat jobs of the new Consumer Unit

The team were very approachable and customer focused. For instance, they were delayed 30 minutes by traffic but took the trouble to ring ahead so we knew when they would arrive. They took notice of and acted on several suggestions of mine regarding the location of the wiring, especially as cables were going from the CU, through and up one exterior house wall, across the loft then through and down the exterior wall on the other side of the house. They made very neat jobs of the new Consumer Unit, and where the cable entered the house on both sides. All the work was very neatly done, and they tidied up after themselves. Highly recommended.

Peter, PowerBanx - Home Battery Installation (Bristol)

I was very pleased with the process

From my perspective everything went really well, I was very pleased with the process, installation and the product. During the investigation phase where I was evaluating the market you were responsive to my requests for information (unlike a couple of other companies I tried) and having your blog to read through, gave me an indication of what to expect. I really appreciated the time you took to answer all my questions (we’ve exchanged over 100 emails between us so far!) and I don’t think there were any major questions you couldn’t answer. David arrived on time to do the installation, was quick, efficient and knowledgeable (and he took away the packaging which is always a plus). So far the system is working well and we have now had several days where we have not used any peak electricity, all our demand being met by stored solar / Economy 7.

Allan, PowerBanx - Battery Installation (Bristol)

These past few days have been great

These past few days have been great for solar and therefore the PowerBanx. I’ve been going home especially at lunch time to cook myself something to eat, whilst plugging my car in (admittedly only via the ‘granny cable’) and still the solar and battery together cover the ~5kW I’m pulling. No Economy 7 top ups required overnight, matching your predictions. I am very pleased with that.

Adam, PowerBanx - Battery Installation (Crawley)