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David McLaren
  • Name: David McLaren
  • Company: First Choice Financial Management Ltd
  • Profession: Pensions/Investment Adviser
  • Phone: 07927 610093
  • Website: www.firstchoicefinancial.co.uk
  • Email:

Business Description

Research shows the majority of people have no idea how much money they really need for the rest of their life. They may have income, assets, pensions and investments but no idea what it all means, or what sort of financial future awaits.

I help clients achieve financial independence through the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning to enable them to live their life with freedom and financial security.


  • Pensions
  • Investments
  • Lifestyle Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Putting clients in control of their financial future
  • Helping clients make smart choices with their money
  • Power Group Category: Financial & Legal
  • Year joined BNI: 2017
  • Memory Hook: Remember, Time In The Market, Not Timing, Is The Key To Investing

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Brilliant from the start

Ravit and I used our lockdown time to take a much deeper look at our finances and we agreed that if we didn’t act, we wouldn’t retire until probably the age of 80!

David has been brilliant from the start. Pensions to us were in a different world but David took his time to explain the benefits and even downfalls of various pensions and investments. David was very thorough and helped understand where we were going had we continued with our pensions that was set up 20 years ago. Thankfully, David’s approachability without bamboozling us with complicated financial jargon was so helpful to us. We can now be much more confident that we will one day have a much more comfortable retirement.

He guided us through this minefield of information with an amazing lifestyle planner that was personalised to our family life very professionally so that we could look forward to meeting our aims. Without his help we couldn't have got through the process and are happy with the outcome he has given us. As a result of your advice we know we should be happily retire in our 60s!

Thank you David for your support and we look forward to working with you in the many years to come and recommending you to our family and friends.

Jeremy Freeman

Genuinely outstanding service

I am writing to thank you for helping me to untangle my pensions.

I suspect that, like many people, I have avoided looking at my pensions for many years. When I spoke with you, I was impressed with how quickly you gathered my information, analysed my various pensions, and sat me down with clear and informative advice.

I then did a fair bit of my own analysis as well, and you helpfully reviewed my conclusions, and then left me with space to make my own decision, without pressure.

We have already scheduled a review in 6 months-time, meaning I shall not neglect this important area of my future planning again.

This has been genuinely outstanding service, and I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone that needs help setting up or reviewing their pensions. I merely wish I had done it sooner.

Dr. Jason Tisdall