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Amandine Alexandre
  • Name: Amandine Alexandre
  • Company: Removing Barriers
  • Profession: Copywriter/writer
  • Phone: 020 8965 7696
  • Mobile: 07595 062 562
  • Email:

Business Description
My mission is to help you communicate with clarity and empathy with your customers and potential customers. You may feel like you need to use technical terms and buzzwords to prove that you are a competent, up-to-date business owner.

You don't.

In fact, you shouldn't.

Your audience is looking for clear and useful information. They don’t want to be impressed. They want to be listened to.

By choosing the right words and tone of voice in all your communications, you will show respect and consideration for your customers - and your business will prosper.


  • Defining a tone of voice for your business
  • Creating a content strategy for your business
  • Writing website content (about section, FAQs, blog articles, case studies etc.)
  • Writing posts & articles for LinkedIn
  • Report editing
  • Report writing
  • Book writing
  • Power Group Category: Business Services
  • Year joined BNI: 2021
  • Memory Hook: The care you take in choosing your words tells how much you care about your customers.

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